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Result focused
Relationship focused
Phillip Walker

In this group, Phillip Walker is likely to take the role as IMPLEMENTER.

  • Often result-oriented and sees task through to the end.
  • Might prioritize results over relationships.
Evolve over time

Find your hiring formula for each team

Use the power of evidence-based methods and data science to find "what works here" and evolve over time.

Hiring Formula
Profile for the sales team

Based on the performance data in your previous review, these are the traits that have a significant

Agreeableness: Trust

An average result between 5-6 is a strong indicator of future performance in your team, and improves team fit.

Conscientiousness: Goal-striving

A high result between 7-10 is a very strong indicator of future performance in your team, improving individual task performance and citizenship behaviour

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Alva Labs has helped to increase our quality in our recruitment process and ensuring we make a thorough objective validation to evaluate company and role fit. The platform has helped to involve managers in a new way where they can reach more successful candidate assessments.
Caroline Winther
HR Business Partner Cint